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Kid Centric

What is Kid Centric?

Kidcentric was created to give parents with court ordered, supervised parenting time the opportunity to spend time with their children in the most natural setting with a neutral supervisor. Kidcentric was designed with the children in mind; no contact between the residential parent and the non-resident parent as to avoid any situation that might take away time from the visit or make it harder for the children.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do Supervised Visits Work?
    The non-resident parent/individual granted visitation with the child must arrive at the designated location at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled visit and shall remain at the designated location until 10 minutes after the child's departure.
  • Will the Supervisor Be Present at all Times?
    Yes. The Kidcentric supervisor will directly monitor the individual and child for the entire duration of the visit. The individual may not remove themselves or the child from the supervisor's eye sight or hearing. The individual may never leave the child unattended or alone with the supervisor for any reason.
  • Will Kidcentric Share Information About My Visit?
    Kidcentric is aware that individuals using our services may by involved with other professionals. At the initial visit, parents/guardians are required to sign an authorization form allowing Kidcentric to share and exchange information with these professionals (i.e. Court Appointed Special Advocates Volunteers - CASA, attorneys, therapists, case managers, and Guardian Ad Litem's). Kidcentric will provide a detailed factual report to the court as requested.
  • Can Others Accompany Me to My Visit?
    If the non-residential parent of individual granted visitation wants other family members (cousins, grandparents, step-siblings, etc.) to be present during the visit, the supervisor must be advised of this request prior to the scheduled visit. Approval of additional individuals is the decision of the supervisor or by Order of the Court. Unapproved individuals present at the visit will be asked to leave the visit location.
  • Can I Bring Gifts, Toys, or Give a Letter?
    Gifts, toys, notes, or any other item may not be give to the child without the prior approval of the supervisor. Prior approval must be given outside of the and hearing of the child and prior to the child's arrival.
  • Will Kidcentric Drive my Child to the Desired Location?
    Kidcentric does not provide transportation. The residential parent/guardian or their authorized representative is responsible for dropping off and picking up the child at the designated location at the beginning and at the end of the visit. Kidcentric will not transport the individual or child under any circumstances.
  • What Behavior is Expected During the Visit?
    Regardless of the reason for supervised visits, the parent/guardian and the individual granted visitation with the child are expected to be drug and alcohol free. Inappropriate behaviors or displays of emotion such as crying, rage, excessive kissing or hugging, are not permitted. The supervisor will address the person exhibiting inappropriate behavior and any further displays of such behavior will result in early termination of the visit. Visits may not be used to discuss adult matters or obtain information about the other parent/guardian. Additionally, these visits are not the time or the place to discuss issues in your case or to work through the problems between you and the child, or between you and other parent/guardian. Parents/individuals granted visitation are expected to discipline the child as appropriate. The visit may be terminated if a parent/individual cannot appropriately control the child's behavior, and the child or others are at risk.
  • Where Will Supervised Visits Take Place?
    Supervised visits will take place in our community and at a location agreed upon by both parties. This location will provide the individual and the child a neutral area, which allows interaction in the most comfortable and positive setting. The assigned supervisor will contact the residential parent/guardian to inform them of where the non-residential parent/individual desires to conduct the visit. If the parties cannot agree on a location, the supervisor will work with the parties to find a suitable location. However, regardless of the parties' desire, the supervisor may disapprove any location.
  • How Much Does Kidcentric Cost and When is the Service Available?
    Kidcentric charges an hourly fee for supervised visitation in the country where the case is located. However, if visits occur outside the home county, Kidcentric may charge an additional travel fee which will be determined prior to scheduling the visit. Payment must be made prior to the scheduled visit. Kidcentric is available primarily on evenings and weekend. Other times may be available with advanced notice.